Hamburg Central School District

  • Hamburg Central School District
    Department of Technology

    "Pursuing Excellence Through Partnership"


    Union Pleasant Elementary School/Room 136
    150 Pleasant Ave.
    Hamburg, NY 14075-4828
    (716) 646-3280, ext. 4136
    FAX: (716) 646-5435
    Director of Technology/Chief Information Officer
    Jan Stephan, Secretary

    Technical Staff:
    James Barber, Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist
    Lori Danison, Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist
    Tracy Heyd, Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist
    Patricia Antonik, Microcomputer Repair Technician

    Building Technology Support


    Computer Aide

    Web Manager

    Armor Elementary

    Carol Zwolski

    Mike Sparcino

    Boston Valley Elementary

    Paula Litwin

    Laura Biddle

    Charlotte Avenue Elementary

    Carol Zwolski

    Kim VanWagnen

    Union Pleasant Elementary

    Ginger Ziccarelli

    Patrick Wirth

    Hamburg Middle School

    Sue Nielsen
    Nancy Jack

    Steven Zdrojewski

    Hamburg High School

    Debbie Willis
    Nancy Jack

    Allison Kurzel

    Technology Mission

    In the Hamburg Central School District, technology will be used to enhance instruction, strengthen communication, and increase efficiency of operations while providing opportunities for students and staff to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century.


    Technology Vision Statement

    The Hamburg Central School District will provide the technology resources and support necessary to assure that all students will meet the New York State (N.Y.S.) Common Core Learning Standards and become self-directed, self-motivated, and lifelong learners. Teachers will increasingly be facilitators of student learning through proficient use of learning technologies. Teachers will incorporate high quality information resources in their teaching strategies to address multiple learning styles, to motivate and engage students, and to support student exploration and growth.


    Technology Belief Statements
    Technology will:
    • Allow students to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to function in an information society.
    • Assist in developing life-long learners who will achieve or exceed the N.Y.S. Common
      Core Learning Standards.
    • Be integrated into all areas of the curriculum.
    • Provide opportunities for students of various learning styles and abilities.
    • Be provided equitably with regard to hardware, software and Internet access
    • Support ongoing staff development opportunities.
    • Provide opportunities for staff to utilize new and emerging technologies that enhance teaching and learning.
    • Enable active communication between the school and community by providing a means of access to program descriptions, school activities, and student information.
    • Be used to enhance organizational efficiency.