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    At Boston Valley Elementary, we are committed to children. We promote a positive learning environment that values individual growth. A strong collaborative relationship between the home, school, and community ensures the success of this mission, and weaves it into our school's culture. Through a challenging curriculum and a variety of enriching opportunities, we inspire greatness and academic success, while creating independent learners and leaders for life.

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  Welcome to
Boston Valley Elementary School
Mr. James Martinez, Principal
Main Office: Menu Option #1   Attendance/Health Office: Menu Option #2    Counselor: Menu Option #3
Fax:  646-3244 
Terrific Kids for October
Parker E., Patrick T., Ashley N., Cole G. 
Character Stars for October (Thoroughness)
Jillian K., Jacob G., Jhayselle C., Brynna C., Madison F., Katie O., Matthew R., Sean R., Erika B.
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  • volunteer
    PARENTS!  We would love to have you helping out in the classroom, with classroom parties/events, and on field trips.  Please know that you must have a volunteer form filled out (and approved by the Board of Education) each year if you wish to participate.  You can download the form at this link:
    You also must be trained before the first time you ever volunteer at BVS.  If you have already received this training in a previous year, you still need to fill out the form, but do not need to repeat the training.
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