• Friday, November 16th, 2018
    Team 2 will be selling candy bars this week after school at the Service Desk and 4 corners!
    Tonight is the Youth Center's "Purple and White Dance".  Come dressed sporting your Bulldog Pride!!  It's $5 to get in, and doors open at 7:30pm.
    Gobble, gobble!  Unless staff and students bulk up another teachers donation bin, we can all look forward to seeing Mr. Kendricks grace our halls as a turkey on Monday!  Contest ends at noon so there is still time to bump our second place teacher into the lead!
    HMS is proud to welcome Jena Abati on Monday, November 19th.  She is a professional opera singer who will perform a few songs and share the history of opera.  If you are a 7th grader and would like to participate,  please sign up outside room 205 between class periods this week.  Attendance is allowed only for 7th graders who have a 7th period study hall - you may NOT skip a scheduled class.
    Walkers - please use the door by the Main Office for arrival and dismissal.
    Students being dropped off or picked up by a parent must use the door by the Main Office in front of the school.
    Students may not be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot near the buses.
    The doors by the cafeteria and by room 114 are for students who take the bus.
    Attention Students:
    This is a reminder that backpacks are not allowed in the building when traveling from period to period. This is especially true for students who are trying to bring backpacks with them to their last period class, you will be asked to return your bag and may be given after school consequences from your teacher.
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